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Accommodation for The Buffalo Regatta

Unparalleled Accommodation for the RMB Buffalo Regatta

The East London Boating Association (ELBA)  is partnering with Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) to present the annual Buffalo Regatta, a time-honored tradition that has been gracing East London since 1881. In 2024, the ELBA  celebrated the 136th edition of this prestigious national rowing event, making it a truly remarkable milestone.

Why Choose Our Accommodation?

As the Buffalo Regatta takes center stage, we invite you to experience the event in comfort and style. Our accommodation options provide the perfect blend of convenience and luxury, ensuring you’re well-rested and ready to soak in the excitement of the regatta.

About the Buffalo Regatta: A Legacy of Excellence

The Buffalo Regatta is not just an event; it’s a testament to South Africa’s rich sporting history. Recognized as one of the country’s oldest and most esteemed national sporting events, the regatta is an annual spectacle hosted by ELBA. We take pride in showcasing the pinnacle of rowing talent on the picturesque Buffalo Regatta.

A Gathering of the Rowing Elite

The RMB Buffalo Regatta draws participants from rowing universities, clubs, and schools across South Africa. We are privileged to host both women and men of the National Squad, ensuring a display of exceptional athleticism and sportsmanship.

Three Days of Thrills and Excitement

From a modest Saturday morning regatta to a colossal three-day event spanning Thursday to Saturday, each day running 12 hours, the RMB Buffalo Regatta has evolved into the largest rowing spectacle in the country. Be part of the thrill as rowing enthusiasts, schools, and clubs come together to celebrate this grand event.

Book Your Accommodation Now and Be Part of History!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness South Africa’s premier televised rowing event. Book your accommodation now and immerse yourself in the thrill, tradition, and camaraderie of the RMB Buffalo Regatta.

Experience rowing excellence like never before!


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"Rowing is not a gentle sport. And I don't just mean that it's physically demanding. I mean that it's mentally demanding. Despite the serene and rhythmic motion of the boat gliding across the water, rowing requires an intense focus and determination. It's a sport that pushes you to your limits, both physically and mentally. And it's in those moments, when you're pushing through the pain and exhaustion, that you truly discover what you're made of."